Zuku Conditions

What should I do when my Zukus arrive?

Once your Zukus arrive, you have to immediately remove them from the packaging and let them rest for about 3 days in a dry and well-lit place (if it is indoors, it is better). It is important to avoid direct sun and drafts. After this period, and as long as the substrate is completely dry, you can water your Zukus and place them in their new home.

 What is the difference between a Zuku and a normal plant?

Zukus are plants that contain water by themselves and are therefore very resistant to drought. So the most important thing is to control the risks very well. Unlike a normal plant, these plants are very sensitive to excess water, so it is important to water them only and exclusively when the substrate is completely dry. She will supply herself and without the need for great care. You just have to enjoy watching them grow!

Can I place my Zuku directly in full sun?

Although the Zukus are plants that tolerate high temperatures and sunlight very well, you have to take into account that you will receive plants that are just babies and that have been inside a greenhouse all their lives. Our recommendation is that you let him adapt to his new home little by little. The ideal is to start by putting it in the shade, in a place with a lot of indirect light, and little by little move it to sunnier places. Its leaves are very sensitive to sunburn, not taking that into account could be very damaging!

What type of substrate do my Zukus need?

It is important to use a special substrate for cacti and succulents. Excess water is very harmful for this type of plants, so using the appropriate substrate guarantees good drainage and that there are no accumulations of water. Over time you will have to transplant them and use larger pots for the plant to grow healthy and strong, so it is important that you keep this in mind!

Shipping & Returns

Shipping costs

· Shipping to the Iberian Peninsula is FREE for all our plants if the order is over €45.

· Shipping costs are €5 to the Iberian Peninsula and €13 to France (transport time 24-48 working hours).

· We do not ship to the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla (yet).


· We guarantee that you will receive your Zukus within 24-72 working hours from when you receive the order confirmation email.

· Shipments will not be made on Fridays to prevent your Zukus from being locked up inside a transport all weekend.

· Shipments to France will be made exclusively on Mondays to guarantee the minimum transport time.

· The delivery schedule is from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays. We cannot guarantee an exact delivery time.

· If your order has already been shipped, it cannot be canceled while it is on the way, and the refund does not apply.

Returns and refunds

· We strive so that your plant reaches you healthy and perfect. Even so, we understand that being living beings they can suffer problems during the logistics process.

· We will only accept complaints, returns and refunds through the email zuku@zukuhouse.com 

· We will proceed to refund 100% of the amount of the plant if during the first week (from day 1 to day 7) since you receive the order said plant dies. For that, you will have to send an email to zuku@zukuhouse.com  with the photos that justify the problem and the type of care it has received so that we can study the case.

· We will proceed to refund 50% of the amount of the plant if during the second week (from the 8th to the 15th) since you receive your order said plant dies, since it is likely that the death of said plant is due to poor care Of the same. For that, you will have to send an email to zuku@zukuhouse.com  with the photos that justify the problem and the type of care it has received.

· If your plant dies after the 15th day of delivery of your order, we will not proceed to reimburse any plant.

· We make our team of experts available to all customers for questions about the detailed care of each plant, in order to facilitate the survival and growth of any of the plants that we have in the catalogue.

· We do not accept the return of the physical plant, we will only proceed to refund the amount if the plant has arrived in poor condition, affecting its survival.

· Returns of pots and accessories are accepted. In this case, you must send us an email to zuku@zukuhouse.com  within 1 month and send us the article to the address that we will provide you. Once the item has been received and its condition verified, we will proceed to its refund.

· Any pot that arrives broken will proceed to the automatic refund of 100% of the amount. It will not be replaced by another new pot. To report this, write us an email and attach photos to zuku@zukuhouse.com 

· Keep in mind that, although we try to make the plants as similar as possible to those that appear on our website, each plant is a unique living being. Therefore, it is natural that they are not exactly the same, and this is not an acceptable reason for their return.

About your order

· Be sure to look at your shopping cart, where you can see all the products in your order.

· All Zukus come with their plastic pot so that the root can withstand the shipping process without problems. We do not ship open root.

· If you have purchased your Zuku with the white ceramic pot, it will also come with its plastic pot to guarantee optimal first watering once you are home.

· In the case of acquiring your Zuku with the terracotta pot, it will already come transplanted and without a plastic pot because this type of pot already has its drainage hole.

Incorrect or incomplete shipments

· Make sure the shipping address is correct. We will not be able to guarantee delivery if this information is incorrect or incomplete.

· If we verify that the information provided is not correct, we will contact you to correct it and/or request additional details.

· Keep in mind that the modification of these data will influence the delivery date.

· Orders that cannot be delivered on time due to incorrect or incomplete information are not eligible for returns.

Delivery in places other than the usual address

· Deliveries in hospitals, companies, universities or public buildings are not guaranteed, although in most cases, they are carried out without any problem.

· If your order is addressed to any of these destinations, please provide us with a contact telephone number and all the additional information necessary to ensure that the shipment actually reaches the hands of the final recipient.

If you have any other questions regarding the return or cancellation conditions, zuku@zukuhouse.com 

We remind you that what is coming home is a living being. Each Zuku is different, so there may be changes with respect to the photos on the web.